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Elvis Tribute from the USA


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August 16, 1977 marked a tragic day in Rock ‘n’ Roll history, but many have kept the memory of the “King of Rock” alive through the art of impersonation. Mark has stormed on to the stage and worked tirelessly to perfect his craft as he pays tribute to the late Elvis. Mark has spent hours dissecting each and every shake of the hip, lip curl and vocal nuance and then worked to replicate each move to provide today’s generation with a reminder of the greatest entertainer in history.


Rock ‘n' Roll has been a passion of Mark’s throughout his life and a passion for as long as he can remember. Are You Lonesome Tonight, was the first song that he recalls hearing and that song served as the catalyst for his studying the art of performing. Like many artists in the industry, Mark started his career in theater in which he played the role of an Elvis-like character. His time on the stage then naturally evolved into his career as a front man singing different genres of music, but his passion always been with the “King.”

Mark’s destiny to pay tribute to Elvis was confirmed when he placed first at the 2010 Spirit Mountain Casino Elvis contest, followed by multiple finalist places in Ultimate Elvis Contests throughout the United States and Canada. He won the “People’s Choice Award at the Elvis fantasy festival in Indiana and continued his top finishes throughout 2016, but he has now moved his main focus from contests to bringing his fantastic show to worldwide audiences.


In Mark’s own words: “Nothing in life even comes close to the thrill and privilege of performing a tribute to your idol.”

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